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Logic and Reason - Musings of a Middle Aged Witch — LiveJournal

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January 7th, 2012

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11:27 am - Logic and Reason
I cannot go back in time five seconds, let alone decades, so the only rational thing to do about what has come before is to let it rest.

It's done, over with and unchangeable.

I cannot even willingly see what will happen in five seconds, let alone further in the future. I certainly cannot in any way force upon the future my will.

It will happen when it happens, and I cannot really mold that.

I can only live life right now, in this moment. I can remember the past, learn from it and use that knowledge to help now be the best it can be. I can look forward with that knowledge and lay out plans that might lead to my future being what I hope for it to be, though I must acknowledge that my plans are nebulous as the mist on the lake in the spring and just as apt to shift or blow away at any moment.

Logic and reason tell me that I have one life to live. While I do believe in reincarnation, I don't think I should count on that. I have no proof that is solid enough to hang my hat upon, thus it is merely belief. So, today, this moment, this is what I've got for sure, and this is what I need to put my energy into.

I choose in this moment to be happy and to enjoy myself.

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