Musings of a Middle Aged Witch

Mundane, Profane, Arcane and 100% Authentic

26 April 1969
Well, let's see. Me. Who the hell am I?

Artist, witch, mother, grandmother, wife, chief cook and bottle washer, herbalist. I deal with the effects of a health issue, which causes constant pain and a number of other annoying symptoms.

Anyway, I'm me. I've been called perky (don't say it to my face before the second cuppa!), strong and brave. I personally don't see it, but then I'm the one who can feel the fear, trepidation and desire to go curl up in a sunny patch and nap!

On here you will find me talking about such highly mystical things as food, cats, dogs, family and friends, life, love and the pursuit of coffee. I may even occasionally discuss magic and religion. I'm a smartass, who has a hidden Irish accent which will emerge if you pour gin down me. Or stout. I speak French in my head. Badly.

So, yeah. I'm me. And someday, I'll know exactly who that is well enough to tell you in a few words. Until then, shall we?